Solo Travelers

Imagine you wake up one morning and you look outside of the window. Nothing of what you see is appealing. The same things that you have done at work the day before are still there for the umpteenth time. Life is all but what you dreamed of it. So you just walk to the station and hop in the first train you find.

That would be a great lifestyle, wouldn’t it? Well, these guys live exactly like that, and they can teach you how to do it yourself!

Matthew Karsten

Matthew is a guy who made a living out of traveling. Back in 2009 he decided that his life was not up to his expectations, so instead of just lurking around waiting for “something better” to show up, he rolled up his sleeves and start saving money for the trip of his life. Over the period of a year he sold pretty much everything that was in his possession, from the car to the Hi-Fi system, allowing him to buy a one way ticket for Guatemala in late 2010.

He is still travelling since then, regularly posting pictures of his journey in his IG account and blogging on his page, revealing all the secrets and the tricks to travel the world while being paid to do so! Undoubtedly he is a guru of “solo traveling”, as proved by the over 120 thousand people that follow his adventures.

Kiersten Rich

On the surface, she may seem just like the ordinary girl that was taught to go to college, find a job, get a 25+ years mortgage to buy a house and live in there with husband and kids. Well, she is not. She, like Matt, was unsatisfied with her life in California and decided to shake her own world a bit, leaving any sort of comfort behind and hitting the road for the adventure of a lifetime.

She can be found online at TheBlondeAbroad, where she shares tips and tricks on how to travel solo in the long-term, as well as disclosing all the destinations that she visits and the activities that she does. From walking to diving and hiking to snorkeling, there really is nothing left to boredom. Keep up to date with her trips on IG @theblondeabroad.