Cycling world.

The world of travelers is full of adventurous people who embark in extreme adventures in every corner of the planet. The reasons that push people to do that are diverse: desire to travel, hunger to explore or just a passion for a specific mean of transport. It is the case of these travelers in this article: modern days pioneers who have chosen to move from place to place using their legs as engine.

Darren Alff is biking since 16 years

Darren Alff has been traveling the world on top of his bike since far 2001, crossing countless countries and diving head-on into many different cultures. While still riding his 2-wheeler, he is now sharing the great knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, to help wannabe bicycle travelers to crack on.

His mission is, stated by his own words: “To help you plan and prepare for your own bike tours, to lead by example and share my own experiences from the road, and to help you avoid the pitfalls that force so many first-time bicycle tourists to quit their cycling adventures before they’ve even had a chance to begin. That’s what Bicycle Touring Pro is all about!”

His IG @bicycletouringpro has a lot of pics from every place and his webpage is like a “bible” for bycicle fans. Check it out if you are planning a tour like his!

Ocean Traceless

Dario Nardi is a marine biologist who has a deep connection with anything that has to do with seas, oceans and water in general. Despite his young age (now 32) he has explored a great portion of the planet, traveling throughout Europe, North Africa, Australia, Mexico, Costarica, Nicaragua and Panama. As stated by himself, he was seduced and never abandoned by the fascination of living by migrating.

During his journeys he realizes photo reportage and video documentaries to share with others all the best (and worst) moments of his travels. In August 2017 he will embark on the greatest endeavor of his life, cycling for over 5000 kilometers on a bamboo-made bike. The path chosen for this trip goes from Quito, in Ecuador, to Santigo de Chile, in Chile. The reason to such a crazy and challenging trip, called Ocean Traceless, is to prove that it is possible to travel long distances without involuntarily contributing to create pollution.

As a marine biologist, his heart is very close to the environmental issues that are the ultimate cause of the poor condition in which our oceans are, especially the Pacific coast of South America. Follow him during his adventure and keep not only his website, but also his Facebook and Instagram under control!

Fredrika Ek rides the world for charity

There she goes! This Swedish girl started cycling the planet in 2015, after gathering a few sponsors to help her face the costs of the journey as well as raise money for charity.

Her pictures @thebikeramble give a taste of how a trip like that might feel like, showing beautiful scenarios and moments of rural life, as well as depicting herself waving a river or pedaling uphill in some exotic country.

Fredrika’s page has a great section where she keeps a blog updated, trace her route and even list all of her equipment; from the tent to the socks to the bike itself…just in case you are thinking of getting deeper into this crazy world.

Path Less Pedaled – Russ and Laura

Their story is like those that we may have seen in some movie. A couple that suddenly decide to sell everything they have to buy a bike and start traveling the world together. It was the year 2009 back then and many miles have been traveled since that day. Looking back at that journey, every bit of it is full of adventure and adrenaline.

They also share passion for camping and fishing, which explains why we see them very often in IG @pathlesspedaled while proudly holding a freshly caught fish. These days, they are still well engaged in everything that involves cycling. Ross is busy creating cycling tutorials on YT channel and Laura sits at the board of The Bicycle Tour Network. Keep pedaling!!!

 JaYoe! – Trike Adventure

First thing first, what is the Trike? Well, as the name itself may suggest, it is three-wheeled pedaling mean of transport. Plain and simple. It was invented to make long cycling journeys less painful and more comfortable.

His name is Matthew Galat and he started traveling this way back in 2012. Before, he was a self employed graphic designer who was pursuing a career path through numerous ups and downs. When he left the USA to begin his traveling mission, he quickly realized that he found his own life purpose. To explore this world and to inspire everyone to travel the world in their own way.

Armed with very lightweight recording equipment and a bunch of personal items, he has been traveling  producing daily videos about life in China, travel abroad, food and adventure. His productions can be found in his YT Channel and in his website. He also has a number of adepts that every day follow his adventures on IG @jayoelife.