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Traveling is great, right? Everyone loves it and everyone wants to do it! But flight tickets aren’t for free and since not everyone can rely on large sums of money, fellow explorers from all over the globe have invented many ways of traveling on a low budget. Besides, in the last decade we have seen an always increasing amout of travel apps that allow pretty much everyone to find cheap accommodation in every city. Furthermore, drive-sharing apps and hitchhiking have contributed quite a lot to “kill” the costs of travel. There really is no more excuse to keep resting our butts on the couch! Let’s go out there and live life!

Agness & Cez

This two young and neat Polish travelers may look like a happy couple traveling the world together, but in reality they are not in a relationship. They are two very good friends that in 2011 decided to kick their 9-5 routine and start a whole new life made of travels, experiences and dreams. They felt trapped in their daily job and they started to question themselves about what they were doing with their lives. Upon realization that they were working so hard to fulfil goals that someone else had set for them, they quickly escaped that boring life.

For Agness, traveling is something that flows in the bloodstream and she cannot imagine to go back to a still-life anymore. Her style of travel is the “off the beaten track style” and she much prefer adventure over expensive hotels with fancy pools. Cez, on the other hand, is more pragmatic and before 2011 he was sitting at a desk where he worked for a Bank. He felt like his job was good and nice only on the surface, but it was in reality something that could be called “hidden slavery” in exchange for few benefits.

Etramping.com is the blog where Agness and Cez keep the world posted on their latest adventures. In the early years they were limited by a very restricted travel budget so they became expert gurus in low-cost traveling and planning. Needless to say, all the tips to such a travel lifestyle have been shared in their website and are ready to answer all of your traveling doubts.

Traveling Jackie

Jackie is a 26 years old woman who has been traveling all over the worlds for almost a decade. She first left her home country in 2003, when she was just eighteen, to move for a year in Costa Rica where she studied in a local college. She fell in love not only with every aspect of the Latin lifestyle (including food), but also she became addicted to travel and she started to look around for more opportunities to study abroad. She moved then to Italy where she graduated from college in 2007.

From that moment on her life has been full of travels. How did she afford that? Is she a multi-millionaire? None of the above. As a matter of facts, Jackie has been traveling on a very low and restricted budget for many years. She mastered the art of low-budget travel, thus being able to be constantly moving from country to country. Today she reveals the secrets to such a lifestyle in her blog TravelingJackie, where she also keep a detailed journal of all her current trips and related discoveries. Furthermore, she has set up a community blog called thebudgetmindedtraveler, she hosts a podcast with a fellow traveler and she even published a book!

Her mission, stated in her own words, is : “to inspire you to travel now, not later, to pursue your calling, listen to yourself, challenge yourself on a daily basis, and be who you are meant to be, even if that looks different from the person next to you.”

Travel Hysteria

The travel & food blog Travel Hysteria was founded by Enrico and Zuzana, an Italian-Slovak couple currently traveling around different countries in Asia. They first met in Slovakia, more precisely during some kayaking sessions along the Danube river. That day they discovered their mutual interest for travel destinations and original food recipes. A couple of years later, they decided to leave their office jobs in order to follow their biggest dream: to travel full-time and share their experiences with the rest of the world.

One of Enrico’s strongest passion is photography and Zuzana loves writing, among other things. They managed to join these two hobbies together into a travel-photo-blog filled with valuable contents for wannabe travelers. They create a blog post every time they explore a new place and their website is populated with many tips about travel planning, budget handling, best foods and even a list of the best destinations for low-cost travels. Apart from interacting with local people and exploring beautiful places they also share love for food.


Meet another mad and unstoppable travel from Poland! It seems like this nation has a lot to say when it comes to budget travel commuted into lifetime travel. Marysia is, in her own words, the “luckiest girl in the world” because she can travel non-stop for as long as she wishes while always being able to fly back home to spend some time with relatives and friends.

Discovering her real life vocation (traveling) was not easy for Marysia. She studied to become a lawyer and took a degree in fashion design, so not really anything to do with low-budget travel or traveling in general. She lived in Spain and England for some time, thus escaping the routine that scares her so much. In 2008, after a two months trip in south-east Asia that made her finally fall in love with traveling, she decided that “exploring the world” would have been her lifetime mission.

To this date, she has traveled countless countries and experienced on her skin what the average person experience in a whole life. So how did she managed to gain the freedom (and the cash) needed to travel forever? A lot of answers to  such questions can be found in her website mytravelaffairs.com.