Italian adventure: from Europe to Mongolia and return in a Fiat Panda

scacco matto team mongol rally 2017It is an all-Italian heart that beats in Team ScaccoMatto, made by two Italian friends (Daniele, 36 and Gaetano, 40) who live and work in Bratislava, Slovakia. In the months between July and September 2017, we will take part in the Mongol Rally, a non-competitive charity drive held annually since 2004.

The rules for attending the Mongol Rally are three: one must use an old and small car, one must rely only on the Team all along the way and, finally, one must collect at least 1000 pounds to devolve into charity. As per the car, we have chosen an old Panda 750, 4-gears, built in 1991 (yes, just that with the mythical air valve) that at the time of writing this article is undergoing some “renovation” work. As for the route, ScaccoMatto will depart from Prague, Czech Republic, to Ulan-Ude, Siberia, after crossing 15 states, 2 deserts, one sea and all Mongolian territory.

Coming to charitable works, ScaccoMatto has decided to donate the donations collected to three organizations operating in socio-environmental sectors. Specifically, this is, which provides livestock and agricultural education to disadvantaged African families; Mea Culpa, the dormitory for homeless help in Bratislava; CoolEarth, an organization fighting for the protection of rainforests.

ScaccoMatto is also on Facebook and YouTube where we keep periodic updates before the great start set for July 18th, when our media channels will fill with the contents of our great adventure: dirt roads, gorgeous locations and lots of fun. It will be an Italian summer at maximum speed!


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