Ongoing Madness

Ongoing mad adventures

(Continue reading only if you are the breed who would trade certainty and comfort with daydreaming)

Be it a monkey sitting on your head while you are trying to take a picture of the Taj Mahal or a random stranger that offered you shelter that day when you got lost, that is definitely a story we want to read about! Car, bike, motorbike, feet, sail, rail, canoe, whatever. LocosOnTheRoad wants you to share every moment of your crazy trip. We want to know what are the joys, pains and tears of your journey as we were living it side by side with you. And finally, meet the king of travel craziness…

Btw, driving the Mongol Rally 2017?

Within LOTR there is a whole section dedicated to the craziest road trip on earth. Are you participating to the 2017 edition and are seeking a platform where you can post your blog and keep your mates at home updated with all of the latest news along the way?  Get in touch with us submitting your route-plan and we’ll tell you how to create your space in here and be a Loco on the road!

Teams Listed:

Honk Honk Old Monk

honk honk old monk - mongol rally 2017 team listOn 16th July 2017, Team Honk Honk Old Monk will begin their journey from London covering approx 16,000 KM from London to Mongolia. These four fellas from New Zealand will first fly to UK and then drive for 34 days straight to the finish line. Just over a month on the road. This is the time span that the Kiwis have given themselves to cover the whole distance on their car.


scacco matto team - mongol rally 2017 team listTwo Italians “transplanted” in Slovakia since a few years. Bored of the office life and taking the opportunity of participating at the Mongol Rally 2017 to get back on the road. Need to feel life on the bare skin. Both have a consistent traveling background and are mad enough to think that they can make it all the way to Ulan-Ude, and back! The car? A Fiat Panda 750 built in 1991.

Henriques the Navigators

henriques navigators - mongol rally 2017 team listSo Henriques the Navigators, on a quixotic whim, decided to act like the old Portuguese explorers, and prove their sailing skills by driving a car. To make things stupider, they signed up for the Mongol Rally. The car that they have chosen for the journey is a Nissan Micra from 1993. She makes lovely strange noises, they say, and one of the doors might even be falling apart.

The Misplaced Vikings

misplaced vikings - mongol rally 2017 team listWith such a name, where can this team come from? You guessed it right. They are four Norwegians whose names are Erika, Anders, Henrik and Vegard. They have chosen a 1.2L Skoda Fabia built in 2001 to cover the distance between Goodwood and Ulan-Ude. Regarding the route, the final track that the team has drawn counts well over 20 countries. 20 flags to tick off their travel bucket list!

Shane and Georgia

shane and georgia - mongol rally 2017 team listFrom UK to Australia and then again from UK to Mongolia. Just married in April 2017, Shane and Georgia share a past of intense traveling and a passion to discover. They have been in pretty much every continent and now they are on a honeymoon. They are one of the few couples participating at the Mongol Rally 2017. Will they make it to the end? Where will they go after Ulan-Ude? Follow to know…

Whizzers of OZ

whizzers of oz - mongol rally 2017 team listThese two mad souls from Australia are possibly the craziest couple participating at the 2017 edition of Mongol Rally. They are married since few years already and they still display a super-happy smile in all of their pictures. To prepare for the challenge ahead, they have already taken a short road trip to Tasmania just to test their scooters (yes, you read that well, they are going to do the Mongol Rally on small motorcycles). A couple which is obviously not afraid of rain or bad weather…

A-Polo 17

a-polo 17 - mongol rally 2017 team listTeam A-Polo 17 is made up of 2 daft Scots just looking for mischief!
They are Morven Mckay and Scott Robertson and they will be travelling the southern route to Mongolia. This will take them through amazing countries like Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan over the Pamir ‘Highway’! So from London to Mongolia, sea level to 4655m they’ll be covering it all on our blog! Give it a wee looky!

Wild Journey

wild journey - mongol rally 2017 teams listTwo Italians and two Americans on a Wild Journey! A couple of these fellas already have a background of intense traveling experiences and the overall team is involved in other projects before and after the Mongol Rally 2017. Wildjourney is a registerd charity organization and they have set up a contest (open to anyone) to help them draw a Mascotte for their MR team. Head over to their website and get more info about their charity projects and maybe submit your drawing skills for the Mascotte contest!

Seemed Like a Good Idea

seemed like a good idea - mongol rally 2017 teams list Team “Seemed Like A Good Idea” is composed of Brian Gardes and Derek Shields.  Gardes, a middle school humanities teacher, believes that his experience teaching ancient history as well as his exploits restoring a 1974 VW bus will be valuable assets on the trip. Shields, an accomplished videographer, is happy to document every wrong turn, flat tire, and jaw-dropping scene of beauty they encounter.

Tavy Stan

tavy stan - mongol rally 2017 teams listThe first Paraguayan team! Team Tavy Stan are passing through 24 countries on the way to Ulan Ude with aboard of a 1999 nissan Micra. They will be traveling through the southern route and they are already so excited to see the faces of the border guards in the STANS countires, when they will hand them their passports! They say, they are sure to be the first Paraguayans they have ever seen! Let’s hope that’s a perk!

2 Slow 2 Delirious

2 slow 2 delirious - mongol rally 2017 teams listThey’re 5 guys planning to make a 10,000 mile trek from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in a subcompact ill-equipped vehicle. Follow them to watch their journey as they traverse all different types of landscapes, cross sketchy borders across the former Soviet Union, argue with corrupt cops and much much more. The mission is to have an adventure while, raising money for two different charities: Cool Earth and Khalsa Aid. Stay tuned for more info!

The Lady Gagarins

the lady gagarins - mongol rally 2017 teams listThe Lady Gagarins are Rosa, Jakob and Ignacio. For them, the Mongol Rally 2017 goes from Berlin, Germany, to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, then up to Ulan Ude, Russia and then drive back home. Besides enjoying the cultural diversities of the cities and places they will be visiting, the main goal of theis adventure is raising money for the non-governmental organizations Cool Earth, who fights climate change, and Handicap International, who fights the barriers people with disabilities face all over the world.