Little european getaways are always the best chance to escape everyday routine and get some energy boost. My recent personal choices were so far Barcelona (which I visited few weeks ago) and Rome. Indeed perfect vacay spots when you are searching for history, art scenes, suggestions about how to live and love and in my case how to eat and drink.

Rome just really hit me.

All around smells and flavours are mixed with never ending noise. I have learned that when I use more gestures and talk loudly I can get what I want. Through the whole trip, which I have spent mostly by myself searching for tiny corners with couple of tables covered by red-white cloth, I was literally falling in love. One of the hardest every day choices was to decide whether to choose wine or aperol spritz. Thank God ( can I use this expression here? oh well, nevermind) I got three chances per day – except breakfast of course 😉

After morning walk I just stopped in little bistros in which they didn’t even charged me for service and get focaccia either with mozzarella, tomatoes and pancetta or just peppers and prosciutto. My choice was glass of nice cold and dry Chardonnay because red wine in 30 degrees celsius would be a killer. Believe me or not during the breaks from eating I was exploring the city, waiting in lines for tickets to get in Forum Romanum, Palatine hill and yes, tada Colloseum.

My only way of transportation was just walk so I have easily made up to 20 km each day. To get some rest during afternoons I have choosen aperitivo. The perfect idea of paying just for a drink and get complimentary snacks on the house. The choice varies from place to place but most of the time I have got with my aperol spritz olives, tomatoes, nuts, fresh bread and olive oil and some sweet pastry. During this time I have realized that I should have used sun cream for my eastern european pale skin to avoid unbearable pain. This usual fatal mistake led me to seek for nice spots in shade on beautiful squares such as Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo and watch people which is my another favourite thing after eating and drinking. While I was later checking out the famous Spanish steps near to Piazza di Spagna and later Fontana di Trevi (btw you should really throw the coin into it and make a wish because you never know;) my destination was obvious. Another awesome local ristorante to try the best pasta on earth or pizza?

Okay guys for somebody who is lactose intolerant is this temptation over the line. I can tell that I have avoided pizza which I regret deeply but I couldnt resist to get spaghetti carbonara prepared just from local ingredients with the amount of cheese which I was able to handle;) No dessert afterwards but for you lucky ones tiramisù or gelato is the answer. For me just nice Pinot Grigio and espresso shot.

Today I am heading to Vaticano. And I really appreciate that, as covering my now burnt shoulders now is a must. Ragazzi, travel eat love and drink intensively!

XXooXXoo from Roma!

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