From Bratislava to Prague in “only” seven hours.

From Bratislava to Prague in “only” seven hours. The Mongol Rally for ScaccoMatto team starts with slight uncertainties of the engine of our legendary Panda. After just 113km we noticed a drop in power and we had to pull over, allowing the engine to rest a little. None of us has enough mechanical knowledge to identify the problem that “choked” the engine during this first day of travel, but we noticed that if we let the old Panda to rest, the problem seemed to disappear (remember that we are traveling 24,000 km on board a ‘1991 car). Two hours later, however, we found ourselves in the same situation again: small stop on the road and run away like the wind. Okay, let’s say spring breeze. In any case, we are not very excited to have problems from the first day and we are considering the possibility of a check-up if the problem starts to occur with a certain frequency.

scaccomatto breakdown - mongol rally 2017

As soon as we arrived in the Czech capital we immediately headed to the meeting point previously set by the Adventurists, organizers of the Mongol Rally, and we finally partied together with the other teams. It was amazing to see such madness concentrating on one square and to meet other people who, like us, are taking part in this great charity event. ScaccoMatto drives to Mongolia (and back to Bratislava) to raise awareness on social and environmental issues. And like us, so many other teams have chosen noble causes to drive for, just as just described by the official rules of the Mongol Rally. There are those who raise funds for disabled centers, who have decided to support the cause of the orphanage, who helps war veterans to re-enter society, who fights for the protection of the oceans and much more.

The Mongol Rally is undoubtedly a mad race on old and rough cars and many of us (touch wood) will never reach the finish line. Relatives and friends consider us crazy and are ready to bet that we will not make it to the end. But we remember the commitment taken to help the homeless in Slovakia and to send some cows to Africa and, unlike many who do not believe in the impossible, we have decided to do the only thing that is in our power. To dream and to try!

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