Month: August 2017


Our fifth week on the road to Mongolia was full of troubles. The car broke down a few times while driving the Pamir highway and this time it was not just about the exhaust. We lost one of the two rear windows which detached from the car and fell on the unpaved road, crashing in […]

Leaving Uzbekistan

The way to Bukhara was smoother than the one we took to Moynaq, maybe because we opted out from any shortcut and took the main road instead. Even if was almost 100 km longer, at least it was decently paved and allowed us to keep an higher average speed. Just before entering Bukhara we heard […]

Entering Uzbekistan

Entering Uzbekistan was easier then expected. We had read in some blogs that the guards at the border we checking every personal item, including the photos and pictures into cameras and laptops. For us it wasn’t that bad as they only checked one or two luggage and then just asked if we were carrying narcotics […]

From Tbilisi to Beyneu

We arrived at the border to Azerbaijan just before the dusk and we got in line with other dozens of cars for the customs check. In our head, the border crossing would take just one hour. One and a half tops. Reality was a little bit different and the whole thing took us almost three […]

Turkey and Georgia

Week 2 – Turkey and Georgia In the second week of our trip to Mongolia we drove by and visited Turkey and Georgia. The first stop, in Istanbul, was a short break from the intense driving that we had on the first week, when we were much more focused on leaving kilometers behind our back because […]